Tuesday 3 December 2013

Delayed Disorder

Shiiiiit...sorry for the delay folks. It's a long story but basically I've been unable to log on to my account as I smashed my phone to bits accidentally. Anyway I'm still sans phone but have at least remedied the logging on to BlogSpot situation for now.
I'm super behind now of course and have so much shit to blog about that it's difficult to know where to start so I'm gonna just dive in with some 7" records first (I've already written up three more posts so we're getting serious over here) before I just lose the desire to bother completely.

A while ago when writing about a Vision Of Disorder record I mentioned that I was looking to fill some spaces in my V.O.D collection. Willem came to me straight away and offered a couple of pieces I needed and I took him up on the offer.

Vision Of Disorder - Still

Put out in 1995 on Striving For Togetherness Records this is the green version of the record. I believe this is the second press of the record with the blue and black versions being the first press. I have no idea of pressing numbers for this record though and actually didn't know there was a green version until Willem offered this one. This joins my black copy of the record so I still need to add a blue at some point.

Vision Of Disorder/Uzumaki/Dive - Split

This release is slightly less conventional and is a split between three bands. V.O.D and two Japanese bands Uzumaki and Dive. I presume this was put together for a tour but I could be way off. There's also a couple of similar releases with other bands. I'm sure Willem probably knows more about these releases. 750 were made and I believe that there's varying colours within that 750. This is the white cover and white vinyl version numbered 296. Vision of Disorder contribute 2 songs here Landslide and Twelve Steps To Nothing split over two records whilst the other bands add a track each.

Madball - Been There, Done That

Looking through Willem's list of records for sale (he has loads you should really take a look here) I also noticed he had a copy of this Madball 7" so I picked that up two just for the hell of it really as it's one I've never had. Standard black vinyl but I can never have enough Madball, it also comes on clear, red, blue and white vinyl.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Also for the link up! DEA seems to have brought out lots of NYHC bands together with other styled bands. It includes Agnostic Front, H2O, Madball, CIV and Better Than A 1000. I think they were indeed for selling on tour.