Sunday 31 August 2014

The Coalesce Kids

I'm always eager to fill in the gaps in my Coalesce collection. So recently I picked up a copy of this split 7" from 1997.

The Get Up Kids / Coalesce - Split

This release sees both bands cover a track by the other band. Strangely the tracks are then renamed, I don't know why and I don't know if I've ever seen that before either?!? Now, I don't mind the Get Up Kids, they have some decent songs but this is far from their greatest moment. Coalesce fair far better making The Second Place or 'I'm giving up on this one' as it's called here sound very much like one of their own songs.

I knew this release was available on about 13 different colours so was bummed at first to just be picking up a black one. That was until I took it out of the sleeve and realised it had stamped centre labels, the other copies if seen had proper black centre labels. Discogs seems to suggest this is a 1st Press version out of 300 sold on The Get Up Kids Fall/Winter tour of '97. Be nice if it was that version, can anyone confirm??

Friday 22 August 2014

New York Crew

Some poor sap listed this on eBay as 'Judge Record', so I knew not many people would stumble upon it. It turned out no one else did and I scored this for 99p!!!!! Brilliant

Judge - New York Crew

Much like the Chain Of Strength 7" I picked up recently there's really not a lot to say about this Rev classic. It's Judge, it's New York Crew! It's hardcore history!!

I believe this is the second press which were all black with the yellow sleeve as opposed to orange.

Sunday 10 August 2014

Forgotten Goals

So last year I think it was, Rev put out a gold reissue of the first Civ record. I ordered it and it completely escaped me that it actually never turned up. That was, until an email came from the store I'd ordered it from asking if I was ok with them sending me a Pink copy as they had never got the gold version in.

Civ - Set Your Goals

To be honest I just wanted a coloured vinyl copy and wasn't bothered if it was gold or pink. This colour seems to suit the cover pretty well so it's all good in my book.

Who doesn't love this record? Back when it first came out I thought it was great and listening again now it's not hard to see why. Great infectious stuff mixing hardcore and that more pop-punk kinda sound perfectly. Shame the follow up was a bit of a stinker.

Pink vinyl version is out of 550 pressed. Here it sits with the black version of the record I already had.

Saturday 9 August 2014

Paid In Full

Back in December I posted up the debut 7" by Cross Me that Speedowax had put out. I liked it a lot and I think I said something like 'by rights these should be the next band to blow up'. Well, I don't know about blowing up but in the last 7 months or so I've certainly seen them getting more attention. They've also just dropped their second 7", but we'll get on to that in a minute. First...

Cross Me - S/T

When I saw that the ever brilliant Speedowax were putting out a second press of the first Cross Me record I jumped at the chance to get another copy, especially as the previous pressing were all on black vinyl. Different colour cover for the second press (it's Speedowax so of course) and a nice red vinyl to boot. 100/107!

Cross Me - Paid In Full

So on to the new record. I was stoked when I heard that Cross Me were putting out another record, and then I realised who was releasing it - The dreaded Flatspot Records. I won't go over it all again but I'd been less than impressed with this label in the past. This time though the record got here with no problems and surprisingly as their packaging is still fucking awful, no damage!

So what of the record? Well it's good, it's really good. The band seem to have gone a tad thrashier on this release and I like it, Bad Company especially from the couple of listens I've had is a barnstormer, sounding like a more metallic Expire! Great stuff and another sweet release from the band. More please!

Milky Clear vinyl out of 250