Monday 31 March 2014

Black Sheep Man

You can't keep up with all of the records all of the time right? Even so, I thought I was on top of Rise Above releases, I'd checked the website regularly and what not. Then Mike goes and posts a record up by a band I like that I'd completely missed the release of!

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Black Sheep/Elementary Man

Yep Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell had released a new 7" and I knew nothing about it. I'd completely missed the clear vinyl version that Mike had scored and would have to make do with a black version. The Rise Above site was sold out however, so I had to find a uk store that had one. Still, I managed to find one and very glad I am too. Once again I love the retro feel Rise Above have given this with the old price tag on the front. Reminds me of the last Uncle Acid 7".

I like both songs on offer here too, more good stuff from the band. 100 copies on clear and 500 on black!

I really need to get into Facebook so I don't miss out on releases like this, I'll take my chances though so as not to get sucked into that world! Hah!

Sunday 30 March 2014

Refuse / Resist

I had an epic mail day yesterday. If I'm ever gonna get round to showing you the haul of records I recieved, I better start working through the back log a whole lot quicker than I have been.

Sepultura - Chaos AD

When ever I think of this era Sepultura I always think back to listening to the 1994 Monsters Of Rock festival on the radio. It was the first time I'd ever heard bands I liked of this kind on commercial radio. I sat in my room all day listening to Sepultura, Pantera, Biohazard. Awesome!

Anyway, this is one of my favourite metal records ever. I think I said in my Entombed - Wolverine Blues post that this for me is one of the records that grabbed metal by the scruff of the neck and dragged into the new millenium. Some folks credit Arise as Sepulturas best work and it's also a great record but for me Chaos AD wins out ever time as the definitive Sepultura experience.

You'd think after such hefty praise I'd already own this on vinyl, but as usual after owning it on at least 2 previous formats and being so familiar with the songs it's one of those records I wanted but was in no hurry to pick up. When it was in front of me in a record store with its glossy repressed cover though, I couldn't resist.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

The Lost And The Damned

Okay so I know this isn't a 'Bringin' It Down' or a 'True Till Death' but Rev colour vinyl for £2, come on, you know you'd be all over that shit.

Living Hell - the lost and the damned

I owned this a few years ago on CD and must admit I didn't spend a huge amount of time listening to the record but when I saw this on eBay with no bids I stuck in a small offer just for the hell of it and ended up winning as the only person wanting to give this record a home. Listening again now it's not actually a bad record, in fact it's pretty good. I don't know why this didn't make more of an impact on me originally, though did it make an impact on anyone? It was a strange release for Revelation, this came out in 2007 alongside releases from Down To Nothing and Sinking Ships who seem far more apt for the label than this Integrity style stuff.

This is the grey vinyl version of the record of which 330 where pressed. Decent record, Bargain price!

Sunday 23 March 2014

Converge - Live At Aunties

Converge are a weird band as far as collecting goes for me, I love them (as you've gathered) and yet I never feel the need to get multiple versions of a release.

Converge - Live At The BBC

As usual Converge deliver another good looking package here. Jacob Bannons artwork looks stunning with its glossy 'foil' type effect for want of a better and probably more apt description. Recorded in 2010 the band also sound great on these live records done for the BBC, with the different version of Hanging Moon being a real treat.

Despite being pressed on about six colours and most being more limited than this I was more than happy in this instance to just pick up the blue Kings Road Merch exclusive of 778 copies.

Friday 21 March 2014

Scratch The Surface

If I can get my ass into gear and find time this could start a little run of records I've got recently that I've owned different versions or formats of before.

Sick Of It All - Scratch The Surface

I have such fond memory's of this record and time of listening to music back when this came out in '94, not necessarily because the record is amazing (don't get me wrong it's a damn fine album), but because it was one of the first records I can remember, at least amongst my circle of friends that seemed to unite punk fans, hardcore fans and metal fans. A lot of dudes I knew seemed to get into hardcore off the back of this record.

So yeah having never owned this on wax before I jumped at the chance to grab this when Music On Vinyl repressed it recently. I've had a few things from them now and they tend to do a great job. This is no exception. The glossy cover and orange vinyl look really good. 1500 pressed.

Love the 'Hidden Track' being advertised on the front cover sticker.

Whilst were on the Scratch The Surface vibe this foul looking slab of cheap 90's red vinyl is the single.

It's a one sided 7" that also has a cover of Sham 69's awesome Borstal Breakout. 

If you haven't seen this before the B-side is etched and really difficult to take a picture of. However, if you can see it below you'll see it has 'Scratch The Surface Sick Of It All' errrm Scratched into it.

Monday 17 March 2014


I got a surprise at the beginning of the year while looking at a forum as I thought this band had actually split up years ago.

Backstabbers Inc - M.I.A

I liked Backstabbers Inc's 'Kamikaze Missions' record but that came out in 2004 so I hadn't given them much thought over the last few years. They've returned with this record though, which I believe is actually a collection of older songs that were recorded some time ago but never released. They've self released it too and I can see why! It's a banger, and that trademark Kurt Ballou production sounds brilliant. If you like Converge, Kiss it goodbye, Rorschach and the like this will be right up your alley.

500 pressed on this single sided 12" wax. Those 8 songs rattle by in around 18 minutes! I have no idea if the band are back for good or not but I hope so, would be great to hear what new stuff they could come up with.

Monday 10 March 2014

Get A Grip

I picked this up recently from the bay with some other random records:

Get A Grip - S/T

This debut 7" release from Get A Grip came out in 2006 and it definitely passed me by back then. The guitarist Hunter from Down To Nothing was in this band I know that much, there were probably other dudes that did other things too but I can't be bothered to look into it right now. Anyway this is some quality stuff, it's not a million miles away from The Most era Down To Nothing actually and I found myself really enjoying it when I was giving it a spin. Cool!
This is the red vinyl version,225 pressed on this colour. Sean provides the rest of the pressing info below. Nice one Sean!

Get A Grip- S/T 7", Test Press 8/15 (Strike 3)
Get A Grip- S/T 7" Lime Green and Yellow swirl /100, Pre order cover (Strike 3)
Get A Grip- S/T 7" Trans Red /225, Record release cover 38/40 (Strike 3)
Get A Grip- S/T 7" Blue and Green splatter /175 (Strike 3)

Saturday 8 March 2014

Vulgar Display Of Speedowax

I got this courtesy of our friends over at Speedowax Records a while back and it's another release not to ignore.

Vulgar Display - Under Darkness & Prayer

I'd not heard of Vulgar Display before this being chucked my way but like I say if it's a Speedowax release it's nearly always something that I can get behind and this is no exception. Plus the name of the band is obviously a Pantera reference and I'm okay with that. Brutal riff heavy Hardcore/Metal-core is the order of the day and it's good stuff. 

Interesting color vinyl too. I like how the front and back look really different. This is the solid brown w/white inside out swirl” Macchiato “color vinyl of 106.

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Spring Songs

Okay, so if this wasn't on Rev I probably wouldn't have bought this.

Title Fight - Spring Songs

You can probably tell that though from the fact I have a boring Black second press copy of the record. It's not that I dislike Title Fight, they're okay, it's just not where I'm at musically at the moment, gimme 6 months and i'll probably be all over this. So yeah, I was in no rush to pick this up at all but when it was staring back at me in a record store I was always going to pick it up just to add to the Rev collection.

Monday 3 March 2014


I was buying something, I forget what, from a European distro a while ago and wanted to round up the amount I was spending and this caught my eye.

Icepick - Quicksand

Truth be told I don't know a huge amount about Icepick (Jamey Jasta is in a band of the same name is he not?), I'd heard the name before and the cover caught my eye. I know they were from Holland and have long since split up but that's about it. This is decent enough stuff though and I enjoyed the two songs on offer well enough, it has a Bad Brains vibe in places. Their two releases I can find were five years apart so I'm thinking this was maybe a reunion release or something? Man, I have no idea. As their full length was seemingly only released on CD I doubt I'll listen to anything else.

This Green version of the record is out of 400. It was also released on Blue out of 100.

Sunday 2 March 2014

Do I Speak A Dead Language?

In the '90's I really liked Downset (or is that downset.), in fact I used to have a copy of the Social Justice record which is what they were called before becoming Downset, I should try and find a copy of that again. Moving on, I can still hang with their first two records today 'Downset' and 'Do We Speak A Dead Language?' I picked this up a while ago on the cheap but figured I'd throw it up.

Downset - Our Suffocation

Back in like 96-97 I was in a band and whilst we were playing live but didn't have a full set of songs we used to play 'Empower' by Downset, good times. Anyway, This is the Our Suffocation 7" that came out in '94. Like the cover didn't give that away. I think if memory serves it came out before the debut LP.

This is the Clear version. It also came on Black but I have no idea of numbers. I also have no idea if these stickers came with the original or not or if they were added later by the person I bought it from, I'd suspect later but who knows.

I was going to go see Downset recently as they had reformed and were touring and I figured it would be a good little nostalgia trip. After grabbing tickets I realised that Rey the singer and very much the focal point of the band wasn't part of the reformed line-up. I checked the new line up out online and quite frankly the new guy didn't sound very good so I wasn't looking forward to the show much, thankfully they cancelled and spared me the ordeal haha!