Sunday 31 May 2015

Through Being Cool

When it comes to record collecting and releases and what not I go through phases. Sometimes it feels like my finger is on the pulse and I know what's happening out there, and then other times like at the moment I don't have a clue what's going on or what's being released. Take your eye off the prize for 5 seconds and it seems like 10 records have been released you had no idea about. 

Saves The Day - Through Being Cool

This right here is a record I love, it's one of my favourite albums of all time and is a brilliant example of how melodic- hardcore / power pop / pop punk or what ever you wanna call it can be done. I've wanted it on vinyl for ages and have nearly pulled the trigger on an original copy a few times but it's asking price has been pretty steep. So it was a real WTF?!?! Moment when I was looking in a distro and saw it listed. When the hell was this re-released? Anyway, I added it to the cart quickly and it's finally mine on vinyl.

It would have been nice to get a colour version but honestly I just wanted it on vinyl so don't really care that it's just black. Limited 180gram exclusive retail only pressing no less!!! Haha what the hell does that mean? No doubt there's thousands of these.
Anyway, great record!! I can hang with this and the debut all day long, it's a shame the change in style after this was so drastic.

Sunday 24 May 2015

Get A Spirit

This dropped through the mailbox the other day and once again I scratch my head as to why Speedowax Records aren't the biggest record label in the hardcore and heavy music world.

Get A Grip/Spirits - S/T

So as they are billed first let's start with the Get A Grip side of this 7" release. Yes, yes and yes!!! That's all I can say really, fast frantic short blasts of hardcore just how I like it. One of the bands listed in their description on the Speedowax site was Outbreak and I can definately hear that. This whizzed by in what seemed like seconds and I was absolutely left wanting more.

I'd been wanting to hear Spirits for a while as they have been creating a bit of a buzz and have featured on a few blogs I read with strong praise. When the first track hits I can definately see why, melodic hardcore with the right mix of singing and shouting, very good indeed. The following tracks I'm not quite as enamored with though, the second track was fairly bog standard stuff and the third track a moody sung affair just doesn't do it for me. I have a sneaky feeling these tracks might have come from when the band were finding their sound and the later stuff is more in keeping with the first track or maybe the tracks make more sense in context of a LP or live show but for me it kinda sounded like three different bands. If the rest of their stuff is like the first track though then I'm definately in.

This record is on 'Skittles' vinyl out of 125. There's also another 125 on 'honey' vinyl.

Sunday 17 May 2015


Seeing Marcus post this up earlier this week reminded me I hadn't got round to posting this up either. Not that there aren't a load of records I haven't posted about but it brought this to the front of the pile at least.

Boston Strangler - Fire

I remember when this came out what seems like an eternity ago now, I felt pretty pleased with myself for being on the ball for once and nabbing a copy. Yes!! I wasn't gonna get caught up in the hysteria that was to follow, only it didn't follow. Like most, I don't know what happened, I presume loads were pressed and the hype had fizzled out on the band.

I was really underwhelmed by this record, it's decent enough. But it's Boston Strangler doing the exact same thing they did on the first record. The cover is even the same, give or take the 'fire'. There's just nothing to get excited about. Who knows, given time this might get a spin and really come to life.

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Trapped Under The Running Board

Two 7's here that I'm posting together for no real reason other than they were on the side next to each other.

Dillinger Escape Plan - Under The Running Board

I love early Dillinger Escape Plan, so chaotic and manic yet completely genius. The band lose me by the time the new singer comes in on Miss Machine and I haven't cared for anything since but the early stuff is great. I picked this up off eBay, it's got a really nice look to it actually that is hard to see in the photo, kind of a sepia quality to the thing that makes it look really nice.

Trapped Under Ice / Dirty Money - Split

This 7" inch has been a bit of a conundrum. I have the A389 Records version and in actual fact I've owned this Dead & Gone version before. Story goes that I bought it at a TUI show in Sheffield around the time it came out and then promptly lost it. I've subsequently bought it twice since but it's been 'lost in the post'. I really did think I was destined to never own this version and it was cursed till I took a final chance and bought it off Discogs a while ago. Finally!

Sunday 3 May 2015

RSD 2015

I don't physically bother with Record Store Day, not for any reason like 'major labels cashing in' or the dorks in the queue, I've just realised that every year I can get the very few releases I want after the event. Maybe it's just my part of the world but they just don't seem to sell out on the day.
 So it was with confidence I strolled to the record store nearly two weeks after RSD and picked up the release I definitely wanted and the one I was gonna get if it was still there.

Better Than A Thousand - Just One

This was the one release I did really want 
Better Than A Thousands Just One on Red vinyl. A good time to pick it up on vinyl I reckon.

Death By Stereo - If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die

Death By Stereo are one of those bands that I liked this debut album on Indecision but I've just never bothered to check out anything else by them since. They might be shit on subsequent releases, they might be brilliant, I honestly have no idea, I should find out really

Anyway, RSD 2015 threw up a good excuse to pick this up on clear vinyl. There was also copies on white vinyl