Sunday 3 May 2015

RSD 2015

I don't physically bother with Record Store Day, not for any reason like 'major labels cashing in' or the dorks in the queue, I've just realised that every year I can get the very few releases I want after the event. Maybe it's just my part of the world but they just don't seem to sell out on the day.
 So it was with confidence I strolled to the record store nearly two weeks after RSD and picked up the release I definitely wanted and the one I was gonna get if it was still there.

Better Than A Thousand - Just One

This was the one release I did really want 
Better Than A Thousands Just One on Red vinyl. A good time to pick it up on vinyl I reckon.

Death By Stereo - If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die

Death By Stereo are one of those bands that I liked this debut album on Indecision but I've just never bothered to check out anything else by them since. They might be shit on subsequent releases, they might be brilliant, I honestly have no idea, I should find out really

Anyway, RSD 2015 threw up a good excuse to pick this up on clear vinyl. There was also copies on white vinyl


  1. I haven't listened to that DBS LP for years. Used to love it. Saw 'em play back in Leeds in about 2002 or so at the Cockpit. What I remember was the singer getting off stage and walking through to the bar room. I wonder what the people in there thought? Also I remember that they had this LP on orange vinyl for sale and I passed on it because I already had it on green.

  2. Nice pick ups! THanks for the 7" bro... Got it yesterday, and it inspired me to do a post haha. I'll be posting about it soon and man I got some stuff to get to you, i've just been really lazy. Talk to you soon brother!!