Wednesday 23 April 2014

Leave Some Doubt

When I saw that React had done a second press of Mindsets awesome Leave No Doubt record I jumped at the chance to own another copy on a different colour. I promptly got myself over to the React store and ordered a Yellow copy of the record.

Mindset - Leave No Doubt

I'd ordered the Yellow copy which was out of 750 copies the order drop down was telling me, because the White and Blue mix copy of of 250 sounded a little too close to the copy of the 1st press my good friend Mario had managed to get me. I was pretty bummed when it was that exact White and Blue mix copy that turned up. And yeah as you can see, it's essentially just White.

It actually get's a bit more confusing too because the front page of the React site actually says it's the Yellow which is out of 250 and this colour which is out of 750. Which ones right? was this out of 250 in which case where React just trying to hook me up with the more limited colour? Or was Yellow the more limited and I was simply too late so they sent the more common colour?? Strange

Squint hard and you can see some faint bits of colour in there! Ah well, at least I can get rid of my Black copy now.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Nites Of Midnite

I think most of us that collect records are like this, I know I've seen some of my fellow bloggers mention it before. I don't like to listen to a record before I own it in some kind of hard format. I don't know why. Some people are different and hey, what ever works for you right? I'm not knocking it. But for me it has to be this way. Some times it means I don't get round to listening to a record for ages because of it.

Red Hare - Nites Of Midnite

As soon as I saw mention of this band probably a year ago now I knew this would be a record I would like. Soon after some other bloggers wrote about it and confirmed that it was a corker. I listened to half a song (this I can do) just to confirm that it was going to be up my street and thought 'yeah I need to get that record soon'. For some reason it's taken me this long though, it's not even that I forgot about the record, I just haven't really seen it anywhere. Finally a big old order with Rev brought this into my possession.

It's taken me so long to get this thing that it's changed colours. This is the second press in Blue where as the first press was in Red. I wish record company's did this more often where possible to distinguish between presses and where the record still looked cool as hell in a different colour. Also confirmed is that the record is a total belter from start to finish. Featuring members of Swiz and Dag Nasty etc though how could it not be? Stoked to finally have a copy of this on my shelf.

Sunday 20 April 2014


It makes sense to post about all of these together as they are all Revelation Records releases. I didn't buy them all together they just happened to all be on the blog pile that's been building up for the last few months. Most don't need much introduction obviously and all but one I've either owned or own other versions of the same release. But anyway, getting down to it.

Chain Of Strength - The One Thing That Still Holds True

Recent Rev repress of this classic. The Green looked great so I couldn't resist picking up another copy.

Side By Side - You're Only Young Once

One of the two records I'm gonna show in this post that I used to own but didn't have a copy of at the moment. I don't know why it's taken so long to get a copy of this again truth be told but it was finally time to pick it up again whilst making an order direct from Rev.

Various - Rev 150 : Past/Present

Not the greatest Rev release of all time but I wanted to listen to it recently but couldn't find it in my record collection, it was then I realised that I only owned it on CD. Had to fix that.

Kiss It Goodbye - Target Practice / Preacher

I love Kiss It Goodbye but didn't have a copy of this 7". It was again time to correct this.

Burn - S/T

Is there anyone that doesn't love this Burn record? No, thought not. When I saw how sweet this Blue press looked I had to nab one. As they were easy to reach see below my little group shot of Burn records. Far from complete but pretty non the less.

Youth Of Today - Disengage

Flicking through a rack at a record store I visited on my travels I found this copy of the Disengage 7" on Black. Didn't have it on Black so for a few quid I figured I'd pick it up. Who can resist?

Gorilla Biscuits - S/T

Same store also had this. Now of course I already had a copy of this on Black with the red text but this copy looked different so I picked it up. On getting home I found I was right, the copy I already owned had bolder text and a different back. Obviously different presses. For a few pounds I can handle a variant.

Bold - S/T

Another record I owned some years ago and it just seems to have taken me forever to put any version of the Bold 7" back into my collection. I saw this recently for not very much so picked it up.

Friday 18 April 2014

When The Plague Clears

A couple of Bridge Nine favourites I picked up recently

Carry On - A Life Less Plagued

Despite being one of my favourite records of the early 2000's this is the first time I've owned Carry On's Life Less Plagued on vinyl. This is the second press on White of 1500 copies.

I'd not listened to this for a while and not in it's entirety for even longer so it was good to drop the needle on this and remember what a great record this really is.

When the record was originally released in 2001 it was intended to be a gatefold sleeve release but due to budget reasons this never happened. This 2nd press was finally given the layout treatment the record deserved. Looks good.

Foundation - When The Smoke Clears

Another Bridge Nine release I picked up recently was Foundation When the Smoke Clears. Again it's an album I know well but I didn't have the record previously. It was finally time to strike when I was looking for a record to add to a bigger order from Rev.

This is again the second press of the record. Despite looking Black in these pictures the record is actually on 'Translucent Olive' Green of 1000 copies.

Hold it up to the light and the colour changes quite dramatically as you can see. This record is also a gatefold and looks great too.

Sunday 13 April 2014

Chunk! No, Superchunk!

Back in December me and my pal Matt went to see Superchunk and Girls Against Boys play in Leeds. What a great, fun show for two old timers like us to catch up over with a few beers and a load of laughs. The image of Matt trying to take a selfie with one of the guys out of GvsB still makes me chuckle now. Rare too in that it's one of the first shows I'd been to in a long time that I didn't feel ancient at, which is nice. Obviously I picked up a couple of records.

Superchunk - I Hate Music

Superchunk were touring in support of their new record I Hate Music, I picked up the 'Deluxe' version of the LP that includes that stencil you can see at the front of the cover there (I know when I'm tagging I love to spray paint snow flakes), as well as a bonus 7" of two unreleased tracks.

It's a good record and tracks like the raw punked up 'Staying Home' especially, really hit the spot. Not bad for a band in their 24th year and on to their 10th studio LP. The record it's self is on a nice looking Orange vinyl. The show was only let down by the lack of Laura Ballance. She played on the new record but can't play live with the band due to a hearing condition I learnt after the show.

Superchunk - Majesty Shredding

At the show I also took the opportunity to pick the bands previous LP too as I only had it on CD.

Although it's only on Black I really like this record so I'm pleased to have it on wax finally.

Superchunk / Caterpillar - December

As we are on a Superchunk binge I might as well add this record I picked up a couple of months ago too. It's a split with Caterpillar and was the December release of a monthly series Simple Machine Records did back in 1993 that also featured bands like Jawbox and Bratmobile. Superchunk contribute Night Of The Chill Blue here. Cool song. I like how these records looked with the stamps on them.

Saturday 12 April 2014

Lethal Injection

Assault records release some good stuff. Here's another quality release.

Death Injection - Demo

This is the 7" release of the Death Injection Demo that was originally put out by the band themselves last year. It's actually a split release between Assault and Failure Recordings. It's really good stuff too, fast and angry Boston hardcore,

This is the clear with black splatter version of the release. This version is out of 103. There's also a Deathwish Inc clear exclusive of 124 and a further 292 on black wax. Don't sleep if you haven't checked it out already!!

Tuesday 8 April 2014


I remember coming out of a rock club at like 2am back in '99-'00 and having a sampler tape thrust into my hand by the street teamers working for Roadrunner Records that were waiting outside. Imagine that kids, before the real boom of the internet people had to loiter outside night clubs in the small hours of the morning to hand out flyers for shows and give out record label samplers and stickers and the like. Pretty quaint huh?

Glassjaw - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence

Anyway, one of the bands on said tape was Glassjaw (the other was some band called Workhorse Movement or something like that, I'm not googling it, they were awful). The label were handing out this three track sampler of the record they were about to release by the band and I liked it. So much so I went to the trouble of playing it to some people the following day, like I actually sought them out to play them it haha. Anyway, when the record came out a few weeks later I grabbed it and as expected liked it a lot. Recently I picked up this reissue of the record as I decided I hadn't listened to the LP in years and couldn't find the CD anywhere in my house. Guess it must have been one of the ones I sold or got rid of.

I still like this record, I enjoyed listening to it again. How many bands aped this afterwards? I never cared as much for the bands follow up 'Worship and Tribute' , although the LP packaging is pretty sweet. They seem to have turned into a bit of a joke over recent years too and the couple of snippets of stuff I have heard sounded pretty terrible but this record I can definitely still hang with.

Sunday 6 April 2014

Triple Threat Strength Approach

I keep saying it, but I really do have a load of records to get through before I can get some of the really good shit I got recently posted up here. I'm eager to write about those records, so in an effort to get there that little bit faster here's two that have been sat on my 7" 'to blog' pile since at least October last year.

Triple Threat - A New Chapter EP

Both of these records were just random eBay pick-ups. This Triple Threat record caught my eye one day so I grabbed it. I remembered them and their LP that came out on Bridge Nine but wasn't sure if I ever heard this. Anyway, it's decent enough stuff. Sounds a bit like Inside Out in places and maybe Bane or someone similar in others.

This Blue version is out of 300 copies. It was also pressed on White (200) and Pink (500).

Strength Approach - Keep The Standards High

Italian Straight Edge Hardcore now with Strength Approach and their Keep The Standards High Release. If I'd heard this before I couldn't remember, chances are I had though as it was put out by Siton Records and I heard a few of their releases around 98-99. Anyway, this is pretty good fast hardcore. It was also released on Yellow and looking at my copy I feel like I want to get hold of a Yellow one simply because it would look good with that Yellow outlining on the cover.

Friday 4 April 2014

More Deadly Visions

I'm gonna use this record as a 'quick post' as I don't have a lot to say about it, because I already wrote about the release show version here

Internal Affairs - Deadly Visions

So yeah, Internal Affairs - Deadly Visions. I had the release show version as you know and wasn't at all looking for the regular version, but when I saw this on eBay for 99p. I figured 'shit, why not?'

It's a decent record and it makes sense to have both versions right? Even if it's just from a aesthetic point of view as you can see below.

Both versions are on the same yellow vinyl, I'm not sure how many were normal release after the 230 release show copies.

Thursday 3 April 2014

Clean Break

Straight and Alert Records and Salad Days Records recently got together to re-release Clean Breaks 2013 demo and also put out a new release by the band. Sweet!

Clean Break - 2013 Demo

So the demo first. One sided 7". This is the blue cover / red wax version out of 50. All versions are out of 50 and the others are as follows BLUE COVER – Green Wax, GREEN COVER – Red Wax, RED COVER – Green Wax. 

Clean Break - Face Value

The bands latest release Face Value is quality stuff and as much as I like the demo this is a leap forward as you'd expect. Great youth crew stuff. 

This is the Double Mint version out of 155. There were pre-order copies on black of 105 also, as well as 260 on Halloween Orange.