Tuesday 8 April 2014


I remember coming out of a rock club at like 2am back in '99-'00 and having a sampler tape thrust into my hand by the street teamers working for Roadrunner Records that were waiting outside. Imagine that kids, before the real boom of the internet people had to loiter outside night clubs in the small hours of the morning to hand out flyers for shows and give out record label samplers and stickers and the like. Pretty quaint huh?

Glassjaw - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence

Anyway, one of the bands on said tape was Glassjaw (the other was some band called Workhorse Movement or something like that, I'm not googling it, they were awful). The label were handing out this three track sampler of the record they were about to release by the band and I liked it. So much so I went to the trouble of playing it to some people the following day, like I actually sought them out to play them it haha. Anyway, when the record came out a few weeks later I grabbed it and as expected liked it a lot. Recently I picked up this reissue of the record as I decided I hadn't listened to the LP in years and couldn't find the CD anywhere in my house. Guess it must have been one of the ones I sold or got rid of.

I still like this record, I enjoyed listening to it again. How many bands aped this afterwards? I never cared as much for the bands follow up 'Worship and Tribute' , although the LP packaging is pretty sweet. They seem to have turned into a bit of a joke over recent years too and the couple of snippets of stuff I have heard sounded pretty terrible but this record I can definitely still hang with.

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  1. Great post man. How much did this thing cost you? I've lost every auction I've bid on.