Sunday 6 April 2014

Triple Threat Strength Approach

I keep saying it, but I really do have a load of records to get through before I can get some of the really good shit I got recently posted up here. I'm eager to write about those records, so in an effort to get there that little bit faster here's two that have been sat on my 7" 'to blog' pile since at least October last year.

Triple Threat - A New Chapter EP

Both of these records were just random eBay pick-ups. This Triple Threat record caught my eye one day so I grabbed it. I remembered them and their LP that came out on Bridge Nine but wasn't sure if I ever heard this. Anyway, it's decent enough stuff. Sounds a bit like Inside Out in places and maybe Bane or someone similar in others.

This Blue version is out of 300 copies. It was also pressed on White (200) and Pink (500).

Strength Approach - Keep The Standards High

Italian Straight Edge Hardcore now with Strength Approach and their Keep The Standards High Release. If I'd heard this before I couldn't remember, chances are I had though as it was put out by Siton Records and I heard a few of their releases around 98-99. Anyway, this is pretty good fast hardcore. It was also released on Yellow and looking at my copy I feel like I want to get hold of a Yellow one simply because it would look good with that Yellow outlining on the cover.


  1. That rifle on the record is not the same caliber as the rounds on the cover. =) Just sayin though.