Sunday 13 April 2014

Chunk! No, Superchunk!

Back in December me and my pal Matt went to see Superchunk and Girls Against Boys play in Leeds. What a great, fun show for two old timers like us to catch up over with a few beers and a load of laughs. The image of Matt trying to take a selfie with one of the guys out of GvsB still makes me chuckle now. Rare too in that it's one of the first shows I'd been to in a long time that I didn't feel ancient at, which is nice. Obviously I picked up a couple of records.

Superchunk - I Hate Music

Superchunk were touring in support of their new record I Hate Music, I picked up the 'Deluxe' version of the LP that includes that stencil you can see at the front of the cover there (I know when I'm tagging I love to spray paint snow flakes), as well as a bonus 7" of two unreleased tracks.

It's a good record and tracks like the raw punked up 'Staying Home' especially, really hit the spot. Not bad for a band in their 24th year and on to their 10th studio LP. The record it's self is on a nice looking Orange vinyl. The show was only let down by the lack of Laura Ballance. She played on the new record but can't play live with the band due to a hearing condition I learnt after the show.

Superchunk - Majesty Shredding

At the show I also took the opportunity to pick the bands previous LP too as I only had it on CD.

Although it's only on Black I really like this record so I'm pleased to have it on wax finally.

Superchunk / Caterpillar - December

As we are on a Superchunk binge I might as well add this record I picked up a couple of months ago too. It's a split with Caterpillar and was the December release of a monthly series Simple Machine Records did back in 1993 that also featured bands like Jawbox and Bratmobile. Superchunk contribute Night Of The Chill Blue here. Cool song. I like how these records looked with the stamps on them.

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  1. Always wanted to get into this band but never really could. Have a couple of 7"s and the 'Tossing Seeds' 12", but would let them go (in case you may be interested).