Sunday 20 April 2014


It makes sense to post about all of these together as they are all Revelation Records releases. I didn't buy them all together they just happened to all be on the blog pile that's been building up for the last few months. Most don't need much introduction obviously and all but one I've either owned or own other versions of the same release. But anyway, getting down to it.

Chain Of Strength - The One Thing That Still Holds True

Recent Rev repress of this classic. The Green looked great so I couldn't resist picking up another copy.

Side By Side - You're Only Young Once

One of the two records I'm gonna show in this post that I used to own but didn't have a copy of at the moment. I don't know why it's taken so long to get a copy of this again truth be told but it was finally time to pick it up again whilst making an order direct from Rev.

Various - Rev 150 : Past/Present

Not the greatest Rev release of all time but I wanted to listen to it recently but couldn't find it in my record collection, it was then I realised that I only owned it on CD. Had to fix that.

Kiss It Goodbye - Target Practice / Preacher

I love Kiss It Goodbye but didn't have a copy of this 7". It was again time to correct this.

Burn - S/T

Is there anyone that doesn't love this Burn record? No, thought not. When I saw how sweet this Blue press looked I had to nab one. As they were easy to reach see below my little group shot of Burn records. Far from complete but pretty non the less.

Youth Of Today - Disengage

Flicking through a rack at a record store I visited on my travels I found this copy of the Disengage 7" on Black. Didn't have it on Black so for a few quid I figured I'd pick it up. Who can resist?

Gorilla Biscuits - S/T

Same store also had this. Now of course I already had a copy of this on Black with the red text but this copy looked different so I picked it up. On getting home I found I was right, the copy I already owned had bolder text and a different back. Obviously different presses. For a few pounds I can handle a variant.

Bold - S/T

Another record I owned some years ago and it just seems to have taken me forever to put any version of the Bold 7" back into my collection. I saw this recently for not very much so picked it up.


  1. Holy cow that's alot of Rev going on. I gave up on all the Rev represses... but seeing that Chain on green is making me reconsider.

  2. The Chain on marble green is the best looking of all the represses.

  3. Agreed both. The chain green look awesome. Was too hard to ignore. Marcus I presume you know the which presses those two different Gorilla Biscuits records are?

  4. Best looking? like a beauty contest then, hehe. I'm not really fond of the green marbled Chain. Personally, I think the We're Not In This Alone on light blue is beauty queen...