Monday 22 June 2015

Give Them Rope She Said

Continuing to make dents in my Coalesce collection I picked this up very cheaply a while ago.

Coalesce - Give Them Rope She Said V 2.0

This is the No Idea reissue of the 1997 debut LP Give Them Rope on Edison Records. This reissue came out in 2004 and was remastered and remixed and given the slightly longer title of Give them Rope She Said V2.0 by the band. It also features completely different artwork to the original record.

This is the white vinyl version of which 559 copies were pressed.

Sunday 21 June 2015

Together We Win

I picked this up on eBay for a few pounds a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't thought about this band for years in fact I couldn't really remember what they sounded like, I just knew that I'd once owned it on CD and they had something to do with Ten Yard Fight. It's weird I guess, sometimes I remember every little detail of information about the most obscure bands and then bands like this I barely remember a thing about.

Stand & Fight - Together We Win

This came out in 2004 on Bridge Nine and I'm surprised I don't remember more about the band because it's good youth crew hardcore stuff. They did indeed have a Ten Yard Fight connection too in that Wrench sang for both bands.

This grey and blue swirl vinyl looks really nice, I love how side A has the deep blue inner before the grey suddenly appears over the top. Alas though this is actually the most common variant of 770. Another 330 were pressed on purple.

Saturday 13 June 2015

Pray For Light

JI've slowly been working on my Coalesce and Converge collection so this record ticks both bands boxes.

Coalesce / Converge - Among The Dead We Pray For Light

I guess it's relatively rare that you love both bands on a split release so for that reason this is a pretty special record from 1997. Two amazing bands contributing a track each.

This is the red version of the record I think, there's a pink version too and having not seen it I guess it could be the pink one as it has a pink tone to it. Either way I'm stoked to have a colour vinyl version. I believe either way it's out of 100 made pressing numbers wise.

I love when things like this are inside a record, mail order sheets/adverts. Remnants of a bygone era now really.

Tuesday 9 June 2015


Under normal circumstances I probably wouldn't bother posting up this record, but I was just spinning it so thought 'why the hell not'. 

Motörhead - Overkill

Remember back in my Iron Maiden - Women In Uniform post I described myself as something of a metal head? Well, despite this claim, I didn't previously own any Motörhead on vinyl. I know my away around a lot of their records but when the mood struck me a few weeks back to listen to them for the first time in decades I realised there was this glaring ommission from the collection. I didn't mess around, I headed straight to the nearest record store knowing they'd no doubt have a few of Lemmys finest work on wax.

In fact they had most of Motorheads back catalogue, so what to pick up to scratch the itch? I remembered that Orgasmatron and Overkill had been albums I'd enjoyed when I was about 13 so narrowed it down to two easily enough. I then remembered that Overkill was the bands second album with the first largely being viewed as non essential and horaah!! I'd made my choice.

Monday 8 June 2015

Heavens Pregnant Teens

This has been on my mental want list for a few years now, and after seeing it go for some decent chunks of change I picked one up off eBay for next to nothing! It's a funny old game.

Some Girls - Heavens Pregnant Teens

Back when Some Girls first appeared back in the early 2000's I was listening to a lot of this kind of stuff. The band for those that don't know featured most notably Wes Eisold from American Nightmare and Justin Pearson from Swing Kids/The Locust. I remember seeing a copy somewhere of this white vinyl version of the record and thinking it looked really great and I should get a copy. Only took about ten years, not too bad really.

Sunday 7 June 2015

Women In Uniform

Despite being a metal head and more so in my formative musical years I've never been the biggest Iron Maiden fan in the world, I can pretty much take them or leave them in general and I don't really care for their post around say '86 work, but the material before that I can certainly hang with and do throw on a record every now and again.

Iron Maiden - Women In Uniform

Because I've got all those early albums on vinyl I always had an interest in picking up the Women In Uniform single as it's not an album track and the cover is really cool if not a little 'of it's time'. So when the bands 7" output was rereleased recently I picked this up.

Truth be told it's a fairly awful track and not really in keeping with the bands sound of the time, mainly because it's a cover. The band themselves have even distanced from it and by all accounts never liked it at all. From what I've read it was the record labels attempt to get them a radio hit and was 'metalled' down in production.
Weirdly though or maybe not so weirdly due to the fact that I'm writing this very blog I now have a faint stirring somewhere at the back of my mind to pick up some more of these early singles. What the hell is wrong with me??

Saturday 6 June 2015

Feeling Flexi

The Flex release another chapter of the Flexual Healing series - this time in Flexi Disc format.

The Flex - Do Ya Think I'm Flexi?

The rest of the series has been tapes which I have no interest in at all but as this volume came in Flexi format with a sleeve I thought I'd pick it up. Do these guys love red or what?? Looking at their releases gives me a headache haha

I'll never actually play this thing for fear of it crippling my needle but it does look cool as hell. Despite the headache inducing redness I have to salute The Flex for sticking to the theme at least.