Sunday 21 June 2015

Together We Win

I picked this up on eBay for a few pounds a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't thought about this band for years in fact I couldn't really remember what they sounded like, I just knew that I'd once owned it on CD and they had something to do with Ten Yard Fight. It's weird I guess, sometimes I remember every little detail of information about the most obscure bands and then bands like this I barely remember a thing about.

Stand & Fight - Together We Win

This came out in 2004 on Bridge Nine and I'm surprised I don't remember more about the band because it's good youth crew hardcore stuff. They did indeed have a Ten Yard Fight connection too in that Wrench sang for both bands.

This grey and blue swirl vinyl looks really nice, I love how side A has the deep blue inner before the grey suddenly appears over the top. Alas though this is actually the most common variant of 770. Another 330 were pressed on purple.

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