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I've been a music fan and more specifically a rock/metal/hardcore/punk fan for around 23 years. Which probably gives you a fair idea of how old I am. I've always liked buying, owning and collecting music, downloading music is too easy and impersonal, there's just no satisfaction in it for me at all. Sometime in 2011 I realised that CD was a dead format, but I wasn't ready to get completely digital just yet, so I turned back to vinyl.
You'll find nothing new here, in fact, if truth be told, there are better vinyl blogs out there than this one, like the ones that inspired me as I looked for new potential purchases such as acrossyourface , theendlessquest and theonethingthatstillholdstrue. But hopefully you will see a passion for music and records as my collection grows.

Feel Free to leave comments, that's what the comments box is there for!

P.S I realise Screaming For Records is a pretty rubbish name but it was 2am and I'd just listened to Uniform Choice. Oh well, I'm kinda pot committed now, plus I still can't think of anything better.

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