Tuesday 28 October 2014

Where I Stand

Another post (finally) and another release from Speedowax Records. I've had this for so long that I can't even remember if I ordered both versions of the record originally or if Speedowax chucked the second in. Either way I'm glad to have both as it's another quality release from the label.

Truth - Where I Stand

Truth are a band from Texas and they play straight-edge youth crew hardcore in the way it's supposed to be played. This is a really solid effort and foundation from the band.

As is the norm with a label that pay as much attention to detail as Speedowax do not only is there two different colours of wax but also two different sleeves. 

The solid red vinyl sits in the red sleeve whilst the coke bottle green version comes in a black and white version of the sleeve. Excellent sleeve and packaging from Speedowax on this release too.

I've said it a thousand times but if you don't already own a load of these releases the Speedowax back catalogue is well worth wading through for some hidden gems.

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Monster Surf

Some people really like purely instrumental music, I've always found these types to be beardy musos with a lack of experience with the opposite sex. Me, I like my music to have some vocals on top.

Monster Surf - Night Birds

So, I guess to get it out of their system before their Fat Wreck Debut full length Night Birds have released this instrumental record Monster Surf. If it wasn't for having all their other stuff I might not have bothered.

Don't get me wrong, the musics fine and is very Night Birds but without Brian Gorsegner's vocals there's just nothing to pull me in and make this interesting. That's just me though, fans of the bands surf element will still lap this up as it's been really brought to the front of the bands sound here.

This was released by Wallride Records and I'm sure I read previously that it's a one time pressing out of 700. I don't know if all copies were on black or not but I presume they were.

I really like the little Wallride Records Dracula!!!

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Lost In Life And Death

I was super stoked to pick this up recently, in fact it killed two birds with one stone not only the best looking press of the record but also a limited tour version too.

Backtrack - Lost In Life & Death

So yes here we have a tour version of Backtracks Lost In Life record. Cleverly titled here 'Lost In Life & Death' as its from the 2014 Life & Death tour.

Numbered 7 out of 125 the cover is just a wrap around of the existing record sleeve but being out of only 125 it's a great pick up.

I also think this third press colour of Purple and Black mix is the best looking press of the record too and a version of been meaning to get me hands on so that's pretty cool too.