Monday 29 July 2013

Survival Blue

I've written about this record twice before so I'll keep it short. This is the third press of Survivals debut record on Carry The Weight Records, Spirit Unchained. This Record took a fair few listens to really grow on me when it was first released last year but since then I've come to really like it and it's in regular rotation of 7" records I listen to.

This is the third press on blue of 150. Here's a group pic with my first press on red of 75 and my second press on pink of 100. There's 8 different versions of this record across the three presses but as much as I like it I'm more than happy with just the one from each press.

Check it out if you've slept on it as there are still copies left of this press.

Sunday 28 July 2013

Slow Reaction

I've been pretty slow where Violent Reaction are concerned I'm sure I could have the most limited editions of their releases if I was a bit more decisive. Every time I've seen their stuff it's come at an awkward time for whatever reason and I've put it off only to return to find they are either sold out or only the most common press is now available.

That's how I've ended up with the black vinyl version of Violent Reactions City Streets LP. I saw the blue version on Marcus' Blog reminding me I'd seen it and needed to grab one but they'd all gone.

Ah well, I'll grab one at some point. This is the European version of the record from Quality Control limited to 400 on black and still looks really good with a glossy sleeve and thick 180 gram vinyl. Great album that I can't get enough of at the moment.

I'm pretty sure I said it in my The Flex post but it's a good time for UKHC right now.

Wednesday 24 July 2013

The Demons Have Run Amok

This post is a little delayed, I'll explain why. When Demons Run Amok announced they were releasing the Sai Nam record I hesitated in pulling the trigger and buying it, however when I heard that they were also releasing a re-press of the Cro-Mags Alpha Omega I think via Willems Blog I bit the bullet and with a little help from my German translator ordered the pair.

Then this turned up:

SubZero - Happiness Without Peace. They'd only gone and sent me the wrong record. I fired off a quick email to Demons Run Amok and we worked out a deal that meant I didn't have to send the record back thankfully as quite frankly I couldn't be arsed. Good guys.

So whilst I hadn't been in any real hurry to add this to my collection, mainly because I was familiar with it's original release back in the mid 90's and I'd never particularly taken to it, now I had it in my paws I was strangely pleased to have it.  Listening to it again now I actually enjoyed it, time I guess, more spins required.

This is the clear orange pressing limited to 100 copies.

So getting on to my actual order. Sai Nam - Crush

This release by members of Breakdown, Trapped Under Ice, Crown of Thornz, All Out War and Skarhead was originally a strange release by Reaper Records. Strange in that the usually vinyl friendly Reaper didn't bother with a vinyl pressing, so as much as I wanted to hear it I just didn't get round to it.

Hearing it now it was worth the wait. This is a quality release and I think Justice from TUI sounds really good here showing a little more light and shade vocally than in TUI.

I picked up the orange press of the record again out of 100 copies. I think maybe the red press also of 100 might have been a better choice though as it would have matched the text on the cover better.

Cro-Mags - Alpha/Omega

I'd never managed to add the Cro-Mags 1992 record to my collection so I was pleased to finally get the chance. Whilst this record is no Age Of Quarrel, shit it's not even a Best Wishes I always had a bit of a soft spot for it.

I think it was Mario that called it in his post about this one but the band look completely ridiculous in the photo on the inner sleeve, how out of place does Bloodclot look? This is the clear blue version of the record limited to 100 copies. There's still copies of all three of these releases left at Demons Run Amok surprisingly.

Just before checking out I had a scour around the webstore to see if there was anything else I could add to my order for the hell of it and I found a copy of the Assault City Compilation release from Reaper Records.

Loosely collecting Reaper releases it was great to add this early release (Reaper 03) to my collection. It's only on black vinyl of 700 but it's all good.


Tuesday 23 July 2013

The Rulers Back

When dudes sell off their collections or some of their collections it's a sad state of affairs, but rather than dwell on it too much I usually find it's a great way to pick up some records you may have missed, fill some holes if you will and most importantly do it on the cheap. All but one of these records I picked up from a guy selling off his collection recently.

This first record though I actually found in a used/bargain bin and I'm throwing it into this post too a it fits the theme of me not having a huge amount to say about older releases.

One of the forgotten bands of the 90's (is that fair to say?) Trial. This is the 2005 release of their Through The Darkest Days and Foundation releases on one 12" release. It also includes two cover songs.

This is I believe the most rare version of the record, a first press on clear vinyl limited to 100 copies. Considering where I found it I reckon that makes this a decent find.

So on to the other collection fillers I picked up recently.

The Hope Conspiracy - Death Knows Your Name. I was a big fan of the bands first couple of releases but by the time this record surfaced in 2006 I think I'd kind of forgotten about the them. As such it's the record I'm least familiar with.

 Records with gold print on black always look amazing and this is no different. This thing looks incredible.

This is the third press of the record on this great looking 'white and gold mix'. It's far from limited though with a huge pressing of 1025 made. That seems a massive amount for a third pressing in 2006. Maybe T.H.C were bigger at that point than I remember?

Let's move on to another Rise and Fall record to find it's way on to this Blog.

Our Circle Is Vicious the bands follow up to Into Oblivion that I featured previously. This once again has that familiar Deathwish Inc / Jacob Bannon style cover and looks just as good as the Into Oblivion record.

Much like the Hope Con record this is far from limited although it is a good looking slab of wax. The bronze second press of 1029. Such a good band.

Next, Pulling Teeth. I previously only had the bands 2009 release Paranoid Delusions/ Paradise Illusions but I like that record so I was pleased to finally pick something else up from the band.

Martyr Immortal. This, much like the aforementioned record once again has really great artwork. I think all the bands releases have very similar looking art and it looks really good.

Gatefold release on gold vinyl limited to 666 copies. I know it looks brown in the photo but it is more of a gold colour when you actually see it.

Finally a record that probably only Mario will get a kick out of.

That's right. The Adventures Of Slick Rick. I was trying to round my spend up by a few more pounds and took this off the guys hands too. I haven't heard this in years but I have good memories of chilling with my friends back in the day listening to this record and thinking it was hilarious. Judging by my wife's face when she read some of the song titles on this ('Treat Her Like A Prostitute' for instance) it's probably not that hilarious in 2013.

Originally released in 1988 this is a 2000 European repress of the record and as you can see it seems hardly worth the numbering considering the amount of records we are talking about.

Monday 22 July 2013

Halloween II

It's been too hot to blog recently. As usual I've got a pile of records sat here taller than Glenn Danzig that I need to get round to posting up. I'm gonna make every effort to do a post every day this week to catch up. Anyway I figured I'd start the week off with something a little different.

This is the Halloween II score from Death Waltz Recording Co. As you may or may not know I'm something of a horror fan and when I saw the amazing new Brandon Schaefer artwork on the cover of this thing I had to get a copy. The cover of this thing is laminated like say the debut Uncle Acid LP and although my photo doesn't do it justice it really does look awesome. Michael Myers + bleeding eyes = Sinister as hell!!

I'd not heard of Death Waltz before this and it seems I've missed out on some classic releases they have already put out. Bummer. Gonna be keeping an eye out for future releases that's for sure.

The record came with a big poster of the cover art which was nice even though I highly doubt I'll ever hang it. I suspect it might scare the shit out of the kids haha.

The vinyl it's self is suitably distressed too with this odd orange encrusted (for want of a better expression) black vinyl. It's 'limited edition' but I have no idea as to how many. The description on the Death Waltz website sums this up perfectly, 'nerve shreddingly intense. Synths wail and stutter as the score progresses to the point where you feel your head might implode from the oncoming onslaught. This score really should be played late at night with all of the lights out.'

As I put up the Converge Jane Doe slip mat I bought a while ago I figured I'd also put the Death Waltz one that I picked up on here too. It Glows in the dark you know!

Sunday 14 July 2013


I really enjoyed Enough's Common Visions LP, although as I was about to write this I realised I never actually posted about it. I'll correct that soon as I haven't got time to take pictures of the record now. Here's their latest 7" release from Assault Records, Discontent.

More of the same youth crew stylings on show here, I like it.

This is the green vinyl version of the record out of 150 according to the Assault website. Mine is stamped 27/158 on the inner sleeve however so I guess there were actually 158 pressed. There's also an orange press of 350.

Whilst I was picking this up from Assault I also added a copy of the second press of the Something We Can Build 7" as I'd been meaning to pick up a copy of this for ages.
I love the look of this thing, it's a youth crew cover by numbers and there's nothing wrong with that at all in my book.

 I also like the Assault Records Rev star rip on the back.

This is the yellow vinyl version of 92. Strangely with this one the black version of 73 is more limited.