Tuesday 23 July 2013

The Rulers Back

When dudes sell off their collections or some of their collections it's a sad state of affairs, but rather than dwell on it too much I usually find it's a great way to pick up some records you may have missed, fill some holes if you will and most importantly do it on the cheap. All but one of these records I picked up from a guy selling off his collection recently.

This first record though I actually found in a used/bargain bin and I'm throwing it into this post too a it fits the theme of me not having a huge amount to say about older releases.

One of the forgotten bands of the 90's (is that fair to say?) Trial. This is the 2005 release of their Through The Darkest Days and Foundation releases on one 12" release. It also includes two cover songs.

This is I believe the most rare version of the record, a first press on clear vinyl limited to 100 copies. Considering where I found it I reckon that makes this a decent find.

So on to the other collection fillers I picked up recently.

The Hope Conspiracy - Death Knows Your Name. I was a big fan of the bands first couple of releases but by the time this record surfaced in 2006 I think I'd kind of forgotten about the them. As such it's the record I'm least familiar with.

 Records with gold print on black always look amazing and this is no different. This thing looks incredible.

This is the third press of the record on this great looking 'white and gold mix'. It's far from limited though with a huge pressing of 1025 made. That seems a massive amount for a third pressing in 2006. Maybe T.H.C were bigger at that point than I remember?

Let's move on to another Rise and Fall record to find it's way on to this Blog.

Our Circle Is Vicious the bands follow up to Into Oblivion that I featured previously. This once again has that familiar Deathwish Inc / Jacob Bannon style cover and looks just as good as the Into Oblivion record.

Much like the Hope Con record this is far from limited although it is a good looking slab of wax. The bronze second press of 1029. Such a good band.

Next, Pulling Teeth. I previously only had the bands 2009 release Paranoid Delusions/ Paradise Illusions but I like that record so I was pleased to finally pick something else up from the band.

Martyr Immortal. This, much like the aforementioned record once again has really great artwork. I think all the bands releases have very similar looking art and it looks really good.

Gatefold release on gold vinyl limited to 666 copies. I know it looks brown in the photo but it is more of a gold colour when you actually see it.

Finally a record that probably only Mario will get a kick out of.

That's right. The Adventures Of Slick Rick. I was trying to round my spend up by a few more pounds and took this off the guys hands too. I haven't heard this in years but I have good memories of chilling with my friends back in the day listening to this record and thinking it was hilarious. Judging by my wife's face when she read some of the song titles on this ('Treat Her Like A Prostitute' for instance) it's probably not that hilarious in 2013.

Originally released in 1988 this is a 2000 European repress of the record and as you can see it seems hardly worth the numbering considering the amount of records we are talking about.


  1. That Rise And Fall is yellow/bronze first press out of 700 brother!

  2. You know what Willem I should have just asked you in the first place. I thought I might have been wrong about that one. Thanks for the info mate.

  3. Haha the title of this post definitely caught my attention. I rushed over and was disappointed to not find any Slick rick records at first, but then got a pleasant surprise when I scrolled all the way down! Great great record. That 19759 number intrigues me because it seems there is no way there could have been THAT many pressed of this record. I mean that is alot! And if there was I doubt they would be able to hand number each one, that would be a monumental task. I'm wondering if you got some sort of secret code or misprint?

  4. mc ricky d in tha house! i'm sure your wife was equally impressed by the song title 'lick the balls', haha. besides that hope con vinyl colour looks awesome.