Tuesday 22 April 2014

Nites Of Midnite

I think most of us that collect records are like this, I know I've seen some of my fellow bloggers mention it before. I don't like to listen to a record before I own it in some kind of hard format. I don't know why. Some people are different and hey, what ever works for you right? I'm not knocking it. But for me it has to be this way. Some times it means I don't get round to listening to a record for ages because of it.

Red Hare - Nites Of Midnite

As soon as I saw mention of this band probably a year ago now I knew this would be a record I would like. Soon after some other bloggers wrote about it and confirmed that it was a corker. I listened to half a song (this I can do) just to confirm that it was going to be up my street and thought 'yeah I need to get that record soon'. For some reason it's taken me this long though, it's not even that I forgot about the record, I just haven't really seen it anywhere. Finally a big old order with Rev brought this into my possession.

It's taken me so long to get this thing that it's changed colours. This is the second press in Blue where as the first press was in Red. I wish record company's did this more often where possible to distinguish between presses and where the record still looked cool as hell in a different colour. Also confirmed is that the record is a total belter from start to finish. Featuring members of Swiz and Dag Nasty etc though how could it not be? Stoked to finally have a copy of this on my shelf.

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  1. i'm totally on your side with this. i need a physical copy of a record as well. just feels right with the lyrics and whole artwork. that makes for a proper listen. period.
    by the way, that record has been raved about constantly on many blogs. might check them out.