Sunday 17 May 2015


Seeing Marcus post this up earlier this week reminded me I hadn't got round to posting this up either. Not that there aren't a load of records I haven't posted about but it brought this to the front of the pile at least.

Boston Strangler - Fire

I remember when this came out what seems like an eternity ago now, I felt pretty pleased with myself for being on the ball for once and nabbing a copy. Yes!! I wasn't gonna get caught up in the hysteria that was to follow, only it didn't follow. Like most, I don't know what happened, I presume loads were pressed and the hype had fizzled out on the band.

I was really underwhelmed by this record, it's decent enough. But it's Boston Strangler doing the exact same thing they did on the first record. The cover is even the same, give or take the 'fire'. There's just nothing to get excited about. Who knows, given time this might get a spin and really come to life.

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