Sunday 2 March 2014

Do I Speak A Dead Language?

In the '90's I really liked Downset (or is that downset.), in fact I used to have a copy of the Social Justice record which is what they were called before becoming Downset, I should try and find a copy of that again. Moving on, I can still hang with their first two records today 'Downset' and 'Do We Speak A Dead Language?' I picked this up a while ago on the cheap but figured I'd throw it up.

Downset - Our Suffocation

Back in like 96-97 I was in a band and whilst we were playing live but didn't have a full set of songs we used to play 'Empower' by Downset, good times. Anyway, This is the Our Suffocation 7" that came out in '94. Like the cover didn't give that away. I think if memory serves it came out before the debut LP.

This is the Clear version. It also came on Black but I have no idea of numbers. I also have no idea if these stickers came with the original or not or if they were added later by the person I bought it from, I'd suspect later but who knows.

I was going to go see Downset recently as they had reformed and were touring and I figured it would be a good little nostalgia trip. After grabbing tickets I realised that Rey the singer and very much the focal point of the band wasn't part of the reformed line-up. I checked the new line up out online and quite frankly the new guy didn't sound very good so I wasn't looking forward to the show much, thankfully they cancelled and spared me the ordeal haha!


  1. Wonder if they cancelled due to low ticket sales for the whole tour? Woudn't surprise me.

  2. No idea Marcus. I didn't even bother to find out why to be honest.