Monday 17 March 2014


I got a surprise at the beginning of the year while looking at a forum as I thought this band had actually split up years ago.

Backstabbers Inc - M.I.A

I liked Backstabbers Inc's 'Kamikaze Missions' record but that came out in 2004 so I hadn't given them much thought over the last few years. They've returned with this record though, which I believe is actually a collection of older songs that were recorded some time ago but never released. They've self released it too and I can see why! It's a banger, and that trademark Kurt Ballou production sounds brilliant. If you like Converge, Kiss it goodbye, Rorschach and the like this will be right up your alley.

500 pressed on this single sided 12" wax. Those 8 songs rattle by in around 18 minutes! I have no idea if the band are back for good or not but I hope so, would be great to hear what new stuff they could come up with.

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