Tuesday 10 December 2013

Converge / Hellchild

Converge/Hellchild - Deeper The Wound

When it comes to records there's really only two things I don't care for - Picture Discs and 10" records. Like most record collectors though this aversion to the two formats doesn't stop me picking up either when it suits me. So at some point soon I'll throw up a 10" I picked up recently but for now it's the above picture disc. My quest to build up my Converge collection meant I had to pick up this version of the bands 2001 split with Hellchild.

In fairness it's not a complete bust, the record looks pretty good and is interesting in that it is reverse grooved (plays from the inner of the record out). This is the U.S press of 1000 and was the first release that Deathwish put out.

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  1. hey jake, bastardized recordings from germany did a coloured vinyl version of that split. it was on ebay lately. i'll shout you out next time, if you want.