Wednesday 4 December 2013

Don't get the Wrong Idea but if you Cross Me you better Step Aside

Speedowax Records have been releasing some good shit recently and here's three awesome records from them.

Step Aside - Reaching Out

Every blogger and his dog has written about this cracking record from Step Aside and Speedowax pressed up some copies for the bands final show in October of this year. It's been remastered by Pirates Press too. I THINK this is one of the 25 pre-order versions of the record numbered 18/25 but I always find Speedowax pressing details slightly hard to follow (do you just make it up Rich? haha) Anyway great record and a great band.

Wrong Idea - What's Left Inside

Speedowax also recently put out this record by Wrong Idea who may or may not still be a band, I can't quite work it out (so many questions). They do feature two guys from Step Aside and play a similar style of stuff. This record is fantastic. 195 were pressed on this 'cloudy clear' vinyl.

Cross Me - S/T

Cross Me are a really good band and this 7" is absolutely killer. I'd never heard of the band before reading the Speedowax description but I was immediately intrigued as they were likened to Expire and Rotting Out. You can read the description and an interview here, pick up a copy whilst you are there as this band are definitely in the vein of the bands they've played/toured with such as the aforementioned and Take Offense. By rights they should be the next band to blow up like those guys. This record is that good, especially as I presume it's their debut. Check it out!!
88 of these pressed up with different coloured sleeves. Mines numbered 43.


  1. Thanks Jake Glad you like the records, thanks for the review keep up the awesome work -xrichx

  2. Hi Jake, thought you might want to know that Rich is helping to release a youth-crew compilation 7" with a few other labels. It looks pretty good. It's up for pre-order now in the store (don't worry, I'm not on comission!).