Saturday 28 December 2013

Rude Threat

A month or so ago I was making an order of I dunno five records lets say from a distro and once I'd ordered I got an email back saying one of the records was out of stock and did I want them to reimburse the price of that record or did I want to pick another? Shit, you know how it is, I'd ordered five records so you know I had my heart set on receiving five. So I told them to throw this in too.

Death Threat / Rude Awakening Split

Not long after suggesting the distro threw this in I remembered that Mario had written about this record and been disappointed with it, because of this I wasn't expecting a lot from the record and I didn't even listen to it for a while. Reading Mario's post again he's spot on with what he said. The Rude Awakening side of the record is really good, in fact it's over all too soon and it left me wanting more once the side had finished. Flipping over to the Death Threat offerings though it's a much different story. Musically Death Threat sound pretty good but the vocals leave a lot to be desired. Mario described the singer as sounding 'bored', to me it sounds like the vocals were recorded completely separately to the music as if the singer wasn't listening to the same thing. The vocals are just completely devoid of life, energy and aggression. A shame as I enjoyed the Lost At Sea 7".

I got the Red pressing of the record out of 700. It's the most common pressing but as the out of 500 pressing is Black I'm alright with that. There's also 300 on a nice looking Red and Black Swirl.

This record was worth getting for the Rude Awakening tracks so not a complete bust. Both bands have a nice spread on the inlay to the record too which makes up for the pretty dull ass cover.

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