Monday 9 December 2013

The Earth Is Flat

Supertouch - The Earth Is Flat

Because of the delay in posting this one up Mike over at The One Thing That Still Holds True kinda took the words out of my mouth regarding my initial feelings on Supertouch way back in the day. Probably because of the time I first heard this record (mid 90's) and what I was into at the time I just didn't get into this record at all. In fact it's only been in the last couple of years that I've come to appreciate it at all as I feel my musical taste buds have changed and maybe even matured slightly. But since then I've been hoping for a repress of this sucker and it finally arrived.

It's ace looking too on Blue vinyl that compliments the cover really well and something about that centre label with the same colour blue also making this thing just look really great.

This repress is on a gatefold sleeve unlike the original too which also looks good and gives it a quality feel. 550 pressed on blue vinyl.