Thursday 5 December 2013

Bus Stop Madonnas

Bus Stop Madonnas - S/T

My wife being of a more punk rock persuasion than me recently recommended this Nottingham band to me with an excited 'check these out'. Two girls playing balls out (if you pardon the expression) short, snappy, lo-fi, fuzzy punk rock. It's good fun stuff and I really enjoyed listening to this despite originally not buying it for myself - I picked it up for the good lady in a Nottingham record store. I think this is self released but someone needs to release this bands next record for them!

250 pressed on this nice blue vinyl, this is number 21. The record also came with a badge/pin of the cover art. Always a winner in my book.

Check out this video of the band playing at Music Exchange in Nottingham here and you can listen to the whole record on the bands bandcamp here

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