Friday, 24 August 2012

Will To Die

I picked this up recently whilst looking through an online distro because it said 'for fans of: backtrack,dtn, reign supreme, madball'. With that kind of influence I had to check it out as it sounded right up my alley.
To start with Will To Die don't really sound anything like those bands mentioned above and they certainly aren't as good as any of them, not that they are bad, they are OK but just do little to separate themselves from the host of bands out there within this kind of genre. They actually find their own feet a couple of times on this 7" especially when they speed up a bit but it's all too fleeting. The record suffers from some fairly muddy production too. So in conclusion it's an alright release but I can't see it getting many spins going forward, if any.
Limited to 200 copies with 5 different coloured sleeves each numbered out of 40.

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