Tuesday 31 July 2012

Stranglers Gonna Make Me Pay (a fair price)

I some how managed to get hold of one of the most sought after records of recent times it seems. Boston Strangler - Primitive. I didn't hear this band straight away and when I eventually caught on, it seemed like everyone was talking about how hard it was to track down a copy rather than the music on the record it's self. I scored a copy all thanks to Twitter.

A few months ago I was talking to Mario about this and that when he mentioned that he had joined Facebook/Twitter recently just to keep up with new releases, because he found that this was where labels and the like dropped the information first. I'm a bit stuck in my ways I have to say and don't really go in for social networking, but a few weeks later after a conversation with my friend Ross who runs thisisnotascene about how useful he finds it, I decided I couldn't just keep relying on Mario's heads up on things (doesn't mean you can stop the emails mate) and I should really investigate this 'Twitter' as the kids were calling it thing myself.
I saw the benefits almost straight away when one morning at what seemed to be a weird time I saw a message from Grave Mistake Records saying ' Boston Strangler LP - got a few back in stock'. 'Hmmm that's gotta be a weird time in the states' I thought 'hopefully everyone else will literally be sleeping on this'. Seems they were. I headed straight over, paid my $12 and got the hell out of there. A couple of hours later I checked back out of curiosity and just as expected, they had all gone.

If anyone doesn't use twitter then I do recommend it for stuff like this, I've scored a few other things since that I think have solely been announced on there. Then again I'm probably the only one who didn't already know this haha.

So Boston Strangler and this album - Well it's good, frantic, old school fun that's for sure. It's never gonna live up to the kind of hype the record has created, you'd have thought they'd reinvented the whole hardcore genre the way that hype has gotten. It's certainly a cracking album though, played with an infectious and obvious sense of humour.

Visually it's a nice looking album all clean and black and white, much like the Off! LP.

Twitter Core!!


  1. Yeah social media has come through in the clutch for me a few times. I was glad to get the orange copy of that Face Reality record that just came out, it sold out in an hour or so!

  2. I think I've asked you this but has yours arrived yet?

  3. Reminds me of the OFF! 7" boxset, because that was impossible to get at first but then it reached a point where everyone had managed to pick one up... except for me. Good score though. It's obviously a tough find!

  4. Good point. I still don't have the OFF! 7" box set. And I really like OFF! too. I think now I see it everywhere I don't feel the urgency

  5. No they haven't come in yet. Back to Back usually takes forever to send their shit out. I've never had good luck with them as far as how long it takes