Wednesday 25 July 2012

Shelter for the Youth Of Today

Every blogger and his dog have written about these reissues so I'm gonna make this brief.

Here are my copies of the recent Youth Of Today represses on Revelation Records. Both look awesome and as I didn't have them on vinyl previously I'm super stoked to have these.
It's the same with all these reissues from Rev, when they have come out in previous pressings I've been deep in CD land, so whilst I've owned them and I know the albums well, I just can't get enough of adding these vinyl copies to my collection.

Break Down The Walls:

We're Not In This Alone:

On a related Cappo note, I thought I'd include this in the same post. Shelters - The Purpose, The Passion.

I loves me some Shelter and I picked this up the other day in a bargain bin for £4. What can you buy for £4 ($6 for my american friends) these days?
It's on the weakest looking red colour vinyl I've ever seen, I mean that thing is seriously anemic. At that price you can't go wrong though.


  1. both the yot releases sold out HELLA fast. No I kind of wish I got 2 copies of each for trading... Doh!

  2. Second pressings of the YOT records now available from Rev...