Tuesday 17 July 2012

Not Sorry

A while ago I was picking up another copy of Out Of Vogues S/T 7" that I've spoken about previously here. I'm a big old fan of that band and wanted another copy, this time on Blue limited to 150. Actually, quite why I didn't pick up the black version too to complete the set i don't know. Idiot. Either way I'm still loving this EP.

As part of the order I emailed David who runs Salad Days Records with a few general questions, in the conversation he mentioned that I should really check out one of his other releases if I hadn't already as he was sure I'd be a fan. I'd had my eyes on his release of Not Sorry's - Moving On but had yet to strike, so I did just that.

David of course was right, I do like it, it's right up my street in fact, 6 tracks of balls to the wall hardcore indeed in a similar vein to the aforementioned Swedes Out Of Vogue. I'm a sucker for urgency, passion and gang chants in my music. Not to mention an obvious intelligence that Not Sorry display here.

I've got the blue version here of which 96 were pressed. After the first break neck speed listen to this I stuck it straight on again which is always a good sign.

Good Stuff.

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