Saturday 14 July 2012

Cold World - No Omega

This came through today from Six Feet Under. It's their re-issue of Cold World's - No Omega and is made up of their debut 7", the Ice Grillz 7" and the split with War Hungry as well as two songs from the split with Strength For A Reason, remastered and given a new cover.

I already have those previous releases but when I got the tip about this reissue I had to jump on it. I bagged the orange w/ black & white splatter version Limited to 100.

My picture doesn't do it justice but this is one of the finest looking records I've ever seen, that black and white splatter absolutely POPS off that clear orange. Glorious.

It's a good package (even excusing what might be the most casual band photo ever used on the back of an album - have they been shopping?) and the inlay includes a little bit about each song from Cold World and associates.

I got some other stuff from Six Feet Under too which I'll post up soon


  1. i agree, the splatter version is one of the most visually striking vinyls I've seen yet! See I tried to give you the drop on this one but you already knew what time it was haha!