Friday 20 July 2012

Gypsy and the Common Cause

Sooooo....When I ordered the Cold World - No Omega repress earlier in the month I needed something to bulk up the order as usual. It was at this point that my eyes fell upon a release I'd seen mentioned on some other blogs and read about with interest, mainly because of the nature it had been spoken of. It seemed to be a real enigma of a release, people dug it but didn't know why almost. What the hell, I added it to my cart. After all, it features members of Cold World, Mother Of Mercy and Stick Together and I like all of those bands.

This Is Gypsy - Giant's Despair

I have to put myself in the same camp as other peoples opinions on this one, it really is an odd listen and also sounds NOTHING like the band members other outfits. At first I thought, 'yeah it's ok' and although I knew it was an album that would require some patience, I didn't really know where the fuss about it was going to come from, but 2, 3 ,4 listens later it had started to sink in a little and really grow on me, and when I was looking for something to listen to last night and automatically reached for this I really can say this is a really good LP.
On a side note and strangely,my wife thought this was good stuff on the first listen. Guess she 'got it' before me. Or maybe it was due to having no preconceived ideas? I dunno.

Packaging wise, it's a really striking album layout and suits the mood of the music perfectly, it appears to have been done by Jacob Bannon. As I'm late to the party I have the white vinyl version which is a pressing of 715. I think the Lavender version that Mike wrote about probably looks better but the white still works.

Fans of Helmet, Jawbreaker, Quicksand and Make Do and Mend would be into this. This is definately the most 'surprising' release I've bought this year I'd say.

At the same time I also picked up this:

 Norway's Common Cause - S/T 7"

I pretty much bought this just based on the Norway thing as I tend to like scandanavian bands, I've always viewed it as a real musical hot bed. Truth be told though I've only had a brief listen so haven't had chance to form an opinion yet. Sounds alright though.


  1. If you like scandanavian bands check out "Shipwrecked - The Last Pagans", I think it's the best release of 2012 so far

  2. Will do chief! They'll have to go some to knock Out Of Vogue off the top of my Scandinavian bands list though.

  3. That Common Cause 7 inch is great...I love everything this band has released. That Gypsy LP climbs higher on my Top 10 list for the year with each listen.

  4. Yeah I really need to give Common Cause some proper spins