Thursday 31 December 2015

Classic Hardcore

I've not been as prolific this year as I would have liked, my enthusiasm for posting up my new purchases and buying records hasn't diminished at all, I've just found my self with far less free time. Anyway, let's end 2015 in style with some hardcore classics that don't really need much introduction.

Judge - Bringin' It Down

Bringin' It Down was recently reissued and the package was so nice I couldn't resist picking up this version. Featuring a lovey embossed cover this looks great.

1000 of these were pressed on black vinyl.

As well as the poster/lyric insert the record also comes with these die-cut hammers. Which is a nice touch.

Leeway - Born To Expire

Having never owned a copy of Leeway's classic record Born To Expire on vinyl before I was eager to pick up one of these repressed copies.

This white vinyl version is out of 500 copies. Fantastic.

Sick Of It All - Just Look Around

Another classic I picked up recently was this gold repress of Sick Of It All's 1992 offering. Another I'd never owned on vinyl before. 

Is it just me or does 'gold' vinyl, unless it's in keeping with the album artwork always look a bit crap? If I hadn't bought from a store I might have tried to find one of the red or white versions.

Sick Of It All - Life On The Ropes

Probably a bit of a stretch to call 2003's Life On The Ropes a 'classic' of course, but this was cheap in the same store I picked Just Look Around up from, so I'm including it here too.

Back when this came out in 2003, having not given Yours Truly that came out in 2000 much of a listen, I didn't bother with this record, instead picking back up with SOIA for 2006's Death To Tyrants. It's not a bad record at all though.

That's it for 2015, see you all in 2016 and as always thanks for reading and commenting.

R.I.P Lemmy and John Bradbury


  1. Some great classic records here. Good you kept this going for another year too. I know it's tough to find the time, but keep it going!

  2. I love Paper Tiger from Life On The Ropes a lot.

  3. i totally agree with you that solid gold vinyl is a crappy colour. a lot of metal labels use it for their limited versions nowadays.
    anyway, love to read your posts so keep 'em coming in 2016.