Tuesday 8 December 2015


You guys are probably a lot like me in that given unlimited resources there are loads of records that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection, records you like but given that you're not a millionaire you just focus on other things. However, now and again you spot one of these records on the cheap and can't help but pounce.

Helmet - Betty

This is kinda one of those records, Betty by Helmet. It's a damn fine record but I was just never going to buy it at full price. However, a few weeks ago I was in my local store and decided to check out the sale rack and there it was for cut-price £8. That's a bargain I can't refuse.

This is the 2014 gatefold press of the record on white vinyl. Meantime tends to be my go-to Helmet record so I hadn't listened to this for a while but when those awesome opening few riffs on Wilma's Rainbow cranked in I remembered it's a great follow up.


  1. Great record and great find. Glad to see someone giving them some love. As for my go to helmet record it would be "Strap it On"

  2. I saw them tour this record back in 94. Only time I ever saw them.
    I love all of the first three albums. Tough to pick a fave. Probably would be 'Meantime' though if I was pushed.

  3. Only time I saw them was in Manchester supporting Korn!!! I went to see Helmet honest!