Saturday 19 December 2015


Being a big old fan of Speedowax Records ran by the ridiculously busy and hard working Rich, I like to think I have my finger on what they are releasing but it wasn't until Marcus Endless Quest posted about this band that I realised I'd missed a trick.

Fade - Demo

It was Marcus referencing Man Will Surrender that caught my interest and he was definately right about that. That's what's going on here with maybe some Understand mixed in and even some 90's Alt rock/grunge and it's really good stuff. Featuring members of Shrapnel and Violent Reaction though how could it not be?

This is the Grey Swirl mix vinyl and Speedowax's 98th release in 17 years! Awesome!!

Fade - One With Serenity

Of course one record was never going to be enough and after getting the demo record I also sought out the bands Neutral Words release One With Serenity.

Can't get enough of this at the moment. This is the Green vinyl version out of 125

Higher Power - Space To Breathe

Whilst over at Neutral Words I also spotted another record that sounded interesting this debut E.P release by Leeds band Higher Power. It mentioned Leeway and Life Of Agony and yep that's definately on show here, at times they even remind me a bit of Turnstile. Another great release by a UK band!

This White vinyl version of the record is out of 100

Check both bands out


  1. Fade are awesome aren't they?

    Saw Higher Power support Burn. They were pretty good. I should probably pick up this 7".

    By the way, your photos are too wide for your blog. You should probably fix it :o)

  2. I know mate. I just don't know how it's or happened or how to correct it!

  3. After seeing you and mcs post about the Fade demo I decided to order a copy. Along with the new Spirits split, because as you said, one record is never enough. Excited about both releases.

  4. I saw that spirits split. Might give them another go