Wednesday 23 December 2015

Gameface / Old Flings

When I picked up that Fade record from Speedowax, Rich threw in this record too. Who doesn't like free records?

Gameface / Old Flings - Split

I haven't listened to Gameface in the longest time, they aren't really a band I've kept up with over the years. I have their Three To Get Ready LP from years ago but that's about it. Actually though I really enjoyed the track Frames that they offer up here. Really good catchy stuff.

Old Flings are the other band on the split and whilst not normally my thing, again I liked this track Grip. At least on this song the band remind me a bit of a less macabre and somber Alkaline Trio,which actually I'm okay with, as the missus loves Alkaline Trio and I've begrudgingly come to like some of their stuff.

On a side note I really like the centre labels Speedowax have used here. I can't remember if that style have appeared before or not but they are smart.

1 comment:

  1. Great color schemes in the combination of layout and vinyl. I haven't listened to Gameface since ages ago.