Saturday 28 November 2015

Night Of The Vampire

I don't know a lot about the New Bomb Turks, years ago in college a friend of mine pushed a CD of theirs onto me, a week or so later I brought it back and said it was 'decent', truth be told though I never bothered listening to it.

Entombed / New Bomb Turks - Split

I've seen this before and loving Entombed thought I'd pick it up at some point if not for the great cover art alone. When I saw it on eBay a few weeks ago it was time to strike.

Entombed contribute the awesome Night Of The Vampire here which is a cover and originally by Roky Erickson. The video for the song sees the Scandinavian rascals larking about in the snow with fake vampire teeth and Elvis glasses. It's that sense of humour that I've always liked about Entombed.

The New Bomb Turks track isn't bad here either truth be told, maybe I should have listened to that CD way back when?
There's a limited blue vinyl version of this release too by all accounts. I also like the little insert that is promoting Coalesce's 002 release.

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