Wednesday 20 April 2016

Different Stuff

In the immortal words of radio friendly rock botherers Nickleback - It's been a while. To ease myself back in here's some random 7" records. Just grabbed four from the bottom of the pile so it's a pretty mixed bag.

Fade - Identity E.P

I recently caught up on Fade and their releases but I was missing this E.P from Control Records. Fade are great and this is another neat release from them. Everything they have released has been superb.

This is the limited pre-order blue vinyl version out of 100 which I was stoked I was still able to get a copy of.

Magic Circle - Scream Evil

It took me a long time to get round to picking up a copy of this release by Magic Circle, love the cover and look of this release too.

Orange 9mm - Glistening

I picked this up for 99p in a record stores random used vinyl section. Who doesn't love a bit of Orange 9mm? Not there best material of course but at that price..

Standard black vinyl major label fair with tour dates on the back.

Minor Threat - First Demo Tape

To ram the point home of how long it's been since my last post, this was actually a stocking filler from the wife..erm I mean Santa at Christmas. Didn't have this previously on vinyl.


  1. Welcome back! Good to see someone else wasting their time and posting about records again.

  2. man, where have you been?
    good to read new stuff!