Sunday 7 October 2012

NYC Classics

First post of October? Arrrghhhh I'm busy right now.
It pains me these days that when I originally collected vinyl back in the 90's I got rid of the vast majority in favour of CD's and what not. What a doofus. Anyway, here's two compilation records from my collection that I didn't get rid of that I figured would be fun to post up here.

Revelation Records #7 New York City Hardcore, a record no hardcore collection should be without. Just look at that cover.

This is the first pressing of the record from 1988 and I'm gonna hazard a guess that I got this around 92/93 after a strict diet of metal had lead me to hardcore music. I used to love getting compilations like this back in the day as it was a good way to hear lots of bands all at once to weed out the ones you might like. I'm fairly sure this was my first exposure to Revelation Records.

Instantly bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Sick Of It All and Youth Of Today jumped out at me and I would quickly pursue their individual releases.
Made all the easier by this catalogue/trade insert that was inside. Pre-internet this sort of thing was invaluable.
The flip side of that insert listing all the bands. I still don't know a huge amount about Youth Defense League.
Also included is a rather nice lyric booklet with each band getting their own section with band logo and photo etc and a intro to the compilation from Ray Cappo.
Great tracks, great bands and like I said before a must have for any hardcore or Rev collector.
Standard black vinyl. I think there was a 2000's repressing of this record on blue.
Next up this:
Where The Wild Things Are... another New York Hardcore compilation that came out around the same time as the Rev compilation, maybe a year later.
This one features bands like Killing Time, Sheer Terror and Maximum Penalty. Interestingly Breakdown and Gorilla Biscuits are the only bands to appear on both compilations with GB contributing Buzzcocks cover Sitting Round At Home here.
This is on Link Records, which I always figured was the UK version of this record, especially as the insert looks badly reproduced, I'm sure the original on Blackout Records would have been clearer than this but I've never seen one so could be wrong.


  1. Wow really awesome post. Real jealous of the "WTWTA" on Link. Props!

  2. You mentioned that GB was the only band on both of these - wasn't Breakdown on both of these comps as well?

  3. I literally couldn't wait to get rid of my Link records copy of that WTWTA LP once I got a Blackout copy. This was circa '94 and I can't remember if there is much difference between the pressings. I just hated having some euro pressing. Didn't feel like I had the real thing.

  4. Haha yeah of course breakdown are on both. That's what you get for posting from memory and not actually looking at your old records. Agree in the main about the Link Records version Marcus.