Saturday 13 October 2012

Thieves Mourning

Couple of records quickly here. A few weeks ago I noticed that VRevolution had a SALE page appear on their website and on checking out what was there I noticed two records that I'd looked at in the past when buying from VR but never pulled the trigger on, but now they were sitting there at a very reasonable price I decided 'what the hell' and snapped them up. I guess the indecision and waiting paid off quite nicely here.

Firstly a band who's record I bought purely for one song. Former Thieves - The Language That We Speak.

I picked this up after hearing just the one track which I thought was pretty damn good. Trust Fund Kids is the track and it has a drop in it that goes into a riff that I challenge anyone to not start banging their head to. Seriously take a listen from 47 seconds in, you'll see what I mean.

Anyway, so this is on crystal clear vinyl limited to 500 copies.

Unfortunately, the rest of this album isn't quite as strong as that track for me. I mean there's nothing bad here, it's pretty decent screamy metal-core type stuff, but there's just a lot of other bands doing it better. But it will probably get some spins still now and again.

I included the picture below as it shows more clearly what colour the cover actually is. It looks really washed out in the photos above due to the lighting and the plastic still being on the record.

The second record I picked up is this. Day Of Mourning - Your Future's End on A389 Records.

Glorious album cover, that artwork absolutely pops and although it's hard to tell with my photography skills it is really vibrant colours.

I admit I know little about this band other than they were around few years ago in the late 90's and featured members of Pulling Teeth and Blue Monday. In fact they are very similar in sound to Pulling Teeth. Dwid from Integrity and Human Furnace from Ring Worm also feature on this LP.

Gate fold sleeve and some of the nicest looking vinyl of any release I have. Again, my photos are not really doing it justice but the record is beautiful. No idea of pressing numbers but this is the purple splatter first pressing.

It's actually pretty good stuff.


  1. Nice records. Especially that Day of Mourning record. That vinyl is pretty!

  2. That purple splatter looks incredible!

  3. Funny thing is neither of those photos do it justice. Great looking record

  4. I've been contemplating picking up that Day of Mourning record for the past two years. Not sure why I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet...