Saturday 20 October 2012

Red, White & Blue

You'd be forgiven for thinking you'd clicked on Mario's blog Across Your Face with this post, he's far more likely to post up some Oi style punk rock, but no it is indeed a bit of Oi I'm bringing you today.

This caught my eye whilst I was buying something else recently and the fact it features the Harrington Saints who I wrote about a while ago and Lars Frederiksens Old Firm Casuals sold it to me. It also helped that the packaging on this thing is pretty darn sweet.

So as you can probably guess from the cover this features two U.S bands the aforementioned Harrington Saints and Old Firm Casuals and also two bands from this side of the pond, Booze and Glory and Argy Bargy. Which One Are You?

The Harrington Saints track I'd heard from their album Pride and Tradition and it's a good fast and furious track. The Old Firm Casuals I'd been meaning to check out because I'm a fan of Lars' stuff but I hadn't got round to actually hearing them so this is my first exposure and I like their track on here, it was pretty much what I was expecting but Lars can do little wrong for me.

I have to say I prefer the two U.S bands on show here (damn!!) the two bands from the U.K provide a couple of fun tracks here with the Argy Bargy track starting slowly but finding it's feet with the 'there's no reason' chorus. The Booze and Glory track is annoyingly catchy too and they have some interesting elements in their sound actually, a little The Jam and even a little bit of a folk vibe. But i dunno i think my problem with UK Oi has always been it being very cockney, what can I say, I'm from the north of England!! HaHa

This is the second press of the release and this is supposed to be the 'Beer' colour out of 500. Strangest looking pint colour I've ever seen though.


  1. Hi J, I accidentally deleted your comment on my blog. Sorry, pressed the wrong button without thinking. I'll get em up soon hopefully!

  2. I love the "beer" vinyl, but looks a bit off I agree. Looks more like a watered down "7 and 7"