Thursday, 7 June 2012

New Age Strife

A while ago I was bemoaning Flatspot Records delivery speed. They had the audacity to take over a month to deliver me my lovely goods. Well New Age Records make Flatspot look like over night couriers. 6 Months it's taken for these two Strife records to get to me, I only bought them on a whim in the first place.
It's two copies of the My Fire Burns On 7" - The '77 Pink version limited to 77 copies and the Grey with Yellow version of which 350 were pressed.

I'm hoping as some way of a 'dude, sorry it took 6 months' they did throw in some stickers and these two 7"s.
Last Of The Believers, Paper Ships EP on what's actually a really nice thick clear grey.
Amendment Eighteen, This Years Enemy on grey. Which judging by the ring wear has been hanging around New Age Towers for quite some time.

I've never heard of either band, they might be awesome, I'm guessing they ain't.


  1. You've never heard of Amendment Eighteen? They were semi popular in the late 90s / early 00s. Mike Hartsfield from New Age Records / Outspoken on guitar. They got signed to Victory. Also toured the UK I think (although I never went).

  2. A18 also had Issac from A Chorus of Disapproval on vocals, and I believe the drummer from Insted as well. Solid band. I'm willing to bet Last of the Believers is shit though.

  3. They must have passed me by Marcus I really don't remember them at all. I definitely knew my way around Victory at that time too. Sands of time and all that...

    Mike - you'd have won that bet, I had a quick listen and they are pretty poor

  4. 6 months? god damn!!! I probably wouldn't be "screaming for records", but "screaming for a refund" haha

  5. Hah..I'm not that bothered. I did send an email at one point and got no response at all though