Friday 22 June 2012

Dead Swans Split

This Is the new Dead Swans release on Thirty Days Of Night Records (a label i'm always a little biased towards as they are based in Leeds where I'm originally from). I like Dead Swans I've been a fan since they first surfaced and I think they are one of the UK's premier bands. This is two solid tracks of what you've probably come to expect from them, its fast, rowdy, metallic hardcore in the same style that they've cemented on albums 'Sleepwalker's and 'Anxiety and Everything Else', both of which are cracking.

On the flip side Architects the band this 7" is shared with don't really do it for me. I'd heard them before and I actually thought my opinion was about to change with the opening to their first track, but by the time the clean singing came in at the end of the song, my view hadn't changed. They're an alright band, it's just not my kind of thing at all.

This is the clear with red splatter version limited to 200. TDON like Reaper and other labels, have if memory serves made Black vinyl the rarest version on the last few releases I've got from them. Who started this trend? 100 Black and another 200 on white with purple splatter.


  1. Damnit, why is everyone doing black as the rarest color. I miss the more traditional route... either /400 black and /100 color or /900 black and /100 color for each pressing. It really makes it feel "special" when you have one of the LIMITED colors.

  2. i just discovered dead swans recently (i got myself the sleepwalkers record and will put it up on the blog in due time). i thought that their bridge9 records is their only stuff released - good to read other blogs :) i think i'll buy one, too.

  3. Nice one Tino. I didn't realise til a couple of days ago that this came out in 2008 and this is a re-press.