Tuesday 13 January 2015

Through The Turnstile Into 2015

Hi gang! Sorry for the delay in getting a post done in 2015! A brother is busy like a mutha-fucker at the minute. Truth be told in order to keep this blog going for the foreseeable future I'm probably gonna have to take to just posting pictures of the records I buy or something. I just don't have time to sit down and write stuff at the minute. Not great reading but bear with me.

So anyway...

Turnstile - Pressure To Succeed

So we're on to the fourth pressing of this record and I'm completely fine with that 'cos frankly I fucking love these tunes. This is the purple version out of 1000. I like that Reaper have changed the colours of the cover for each pressing.

They've changed the centre labels front and back too which again is a nice touch. This is the white/purple version out of 500. Truth be told neither of these are very purple, I've noticed recently a lot of the Reaper releases don't look how they do at the point of pre-order. I guess that's because they do a 'artists impression' or something before they are pressed.

Green and Black version out of 300. For some reason this one has the 3rd press cover?!? Maybe they ran out I dunno, everyone else get theirs in this cover?

Shocking group shot I know, you'll have to excuse the massive amounts of glare. Still missing a few. Anyone help a brother out??


  1. Awesome! You like that record, eh?

  2. A fourth pressing was a step too far for me. I'm out. Good luck to you, my friend!

  3. Looking good! Nice to see the preorder cover in there, which is really the only important one. :)

  4. Still waiting on mine! Frankly I'm fine with all these colors too. You ordered Step 2 Rhythm also? This one has even more colors in existence although it's the later 7 inch. Somehow people like S2R more... Hard choice for me.

  5. No, haven't bothered with this latest press of S2R. I like that record but not as much as this one.