Saturday 31 January 2015

Rounding up the 45's

My LP and 7" intrays are out of control right now, and whilst I'm to the untrained eye looking at the piles and shaking my head, obviously dear collector friends I'm secretly happy as a pig in the proverbial!! More of those lovely slabs of wax to listen to and write about! Bonza!!!

Anyway, in a bid to at least get rid of a few of the 7"s I grabbed a small pile.

Slant 6 - What Kind Of Monster Are You?

My bro over at Donotconsideryourselffree (link at the side) posted about this one a couple of weeks ago and being a bit of a sucker for girl groups that rock I couldn't resist investigating.

Rise and Fall - Clawing

Love the look of this one, the artwork is great and the blue and pink vinyl looks sweet as hell too. Out of 300.

Magic Mazes - Magic Tommy Jackson

Jonah Matranga could release a LP of him humming 80's pop hits in the shower and I'd probably pick up a copy. Moral Mazes is his new group with J. Robbins from Jawbox. This is the blue vinyl version out of 300.

The Nation Of Ulysses - Birth Of The Ulysses Aesthetic

1991, Dischord Records, awesome!

Shai Hulud - A Profound Hatred Of Man

Usual story, bought it on CD back in the day so was missing from the record collection, found it cheap and corrected my stupidity! Shai Huluds best work?

Madball - Rebellion

Seems to have taken a ridiculous amount of time for me to get a copy of this one. White vinyl.


  1. IMO definitely Shai Hulud's anthems. That Rise And Fall is such fat hedonistic metal, great work of them, totally dig this 2 song 45rpm single...

  2. Cool to see you picked up the Slant 6 7". Curious to hear how you are liking it? Just seeing the picture of this 7", I can hear the guitar riff running around in my head.