Tuesday 27 January 2015

Forced Order

Feels like a slightly odd release from Revelation Records this one. Not that the label hasn't made some left of centre choices in the past I guess so maybe I shouldn't be surprised. Two raging tracks on offer with two other tracks of..noise. 

Forced Order - Retribution

There's a yellow vinyl version out of 300 but I've got no idea on this grey vinyl -700??? 


  1. 1st press : 335 yellow opaque vinyl
    550 burgundy opaque vinyl
    797 grey opaque vinyl

  2. Plus the artwork together with the grey vinyl isn´t that convincing. As grey isn´t really a color, simple black vinyl would have much cooler and a huge step forward for Rev who recently did not attract attention with a modest color vinyl politics...

  3. Rev did an accumulation of limited editions indeed. I understand why it's perceived as offensive. They sell it as a limited edition and when it sells out they immediately press a new limited edition. Making the previous one less limited again and again. But then when you want to deliver the history to the kids you can't give them a purple Start Today at first. Hardcore needs to stay democratic also.
    I like it how Revelation succeeded in creating many different opinions and controversy concerning their repress rally.