Sunday 9 November 2014

Soul Search

The backlog is getting pretty severe now so I really need to get cracking on getting up to date. Time just isn't my friend at the mo. Anyway, to kill two birds with one stone lets focus on Soul Search.

Soul Search - Nothing But A Nightmare

I loved the bands 'Bury The Blame' release from a couple of years ago so looked forward to this Revelation Records re-release of 'Nothing But A Nightmare'. It's quality too. I really enjoyed this, it will be getting some more spins for sure.

I believe this was released on dark grey and light grey although I have no idea of numbers, nor do I know which this is. Dark grey? It must be right??

Soul Search / Minus - Split

I'd picked this up a short while ago too, the split release between Soul Search and Minus. The Soul Search tracks on here are decent too although I've gotta say I prefer what's going on on 'Nothing But A Nightmare' to the tracks here.

The Minus tracks are pretty decent too, I'm actually not that familiar with them but I seem to remember thinking I need to check them out further last time I listened to this. Red vinyl of which 800 were pressed. 500 were on clear and 200 on clear with red splatter.

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