Sunday 14 December 2014

Collateral Damage

Wow, has it been so long? I haven't blogged in ages. I need to get back in it big time. Let's start with a record I got a while ago and didn't get round to listening to for weeks.

Rude Awakening - Collateral Damage

I hadn't rushed out to buy this record on release, I'd got a couple of the bands 7" releases in the past and whilst on the whole liked them, I had found the band a little hit and miss. So I just added this to a Rev order I made a couple of months ago casually, not expecting much from it.

Truth be told though, this is a good record. Rude Awakening have harnessed their sound a bit and deliver a solid record with no clunkers, just 10 good tracks of angry hardcore in the Expire vein with some massive riffs. Shame I waited so long really as this white vinyl version is out of 1000, the other two version are on much cooler colours and limited to 150 and 350.

The only thing I would criticise with the record is the less than brilliant cover. I get the intent but the graphics themselves are pretty poor. They look like something Matthew Broderick would have knocked up on his computer in War Games!


  1. this record is on my mental list for quite some time now, but i didn't find the time to check them out yet. i have a 7" of them that was solid but nothing more. your opinion isn't too enthusiastic either. we'll see, i'll give them a chance.

  2. I ordered one last week (half oxblood/half something color). This album is rarely talked about, really liked their 7" EP.

  3. for fans of punching a wall!