Tuesday 17 June 2014

Still Holding On

Powered Records recently did the decent thing for us idiots that had missed out on Caught In A Crowds first 7" 'You've Lost' and pressed it together with the bands second release 'The Fight' on one slab of 12" wax.

Caught In A Crowd - Still Holding On

With it's sleek and clean design this looks really good. Powered have done a good job. I got the Clear version of the record. As they are now sold out leaving only Blue left I presume Clear was the most limited but I can't remember if any numbers were published.

The record also came with a copy of Powered Fanzine number 5 which is a tidy little read featuring Caught in a Crowd, Dag Nasty, React! Records and a little piece on some dudes explaining why shirts are better than records - the fools!!
It's personalised too which is nice.

I also picked up some Justice sunglasses in the same order. I'm the smoothest pimp daddy when the sun shines now!!


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  2. yeah, i'd like to see you cruisin' in your family van with the sun glasses on, pumping caught in a crowd out of the stereo and playing the gas pedal at the traffic lights, haha!