Tuesday 3 June 2014

Scared To Death

Man, I hardly got in any posts last month. The records have still been coming in thick and fast too so as you can imagine I'm waaaay behind. I've changed jobs in the last few weeks and as you know that tends to knock your spare time and life in general out of whack etc. I'll get back on track at some point though. I picked this record up a while ago now...

King Nine - Scared To Death

I'd heard King Nine before picking this record up on the Extermination Comp that Flatspot Records put out, honestly though, despite liking their track I'd forgotten all about them. I think the 'featuring ex-members of Backtrack' was enough to arouse my interest when I saw this in a distro though. Because of that I guess I kinda expected this to sound like Backtrack in some way, it doesn't. King Nine are a very different beast, they are far more traditionally New York Hardcore sounding and stripped down than Backtrack. Not that I mind, I'm a fan of that sound so this was a nice surprise for me. There's some seriously monster bang your head riffs on display here.

I believe this is the second press of the record and the yellow version of 300 copies.

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  1. I gotta check this out. Good luck at the new job dude! And i'll get that package out to you soon I promise. I'm waiting til backtrack comes around again on july 17th to see if theres any cool tour press stuff