Monday 16 June 2014

Dark Rainbow Half

I can't believe I'm only just posting this up here, I've had it for ages. There's not many bands I collect all pressings of, but when Reaper Records announced another (3rd) pressing of Backtracks Darker Half I couldn't resist.

Backtrack - Darker Half

I've said it loads of times that this is a fantastic record, so more copies the merrier as far as I'm concerned. I've gotta say though I was kinda dissapointed with this 3rd press. Reaper made it look like the cover would again slightly change for this pressing like the two previous and the 'Backtrack' on the front would be in purple this time. It isn't, it's blue just like the 2nd press. I don't know why it's pictured as being purple on their website. Strange one.

Also and I know these things are kinda random but the 'Rainbow Swirl' press looks far better on the website than it does here. I think my copy looks kinda lame. Ah well, it's still good to have another copy of this record either way. This Rainbow Swirl version is out of 800 copies. Luckily for my pocket there still seems to be plenty left so I can't imagine a 4th press arriving anytime soon.


  1. I normally can't stand the splatter pattern, but this one looks kind of cool next to the album cover.

  2. You're probably right. I think my impression has been damaged because I thought it looked cooler in the pre-shots

  3. Yeah, the pre-shots looked wilder indeed. I didn't see any other copies posted online. So I have no clue if all copies look like that,

  4. Yep, more or less all of these are less wild that pictured. But personally I don't mind. Also there's a pink third pressing also, out of 200 copies, rarest colorway. I won a UB 2014 version that uses this color, but the kid was not 'able' to send it to Europe. Should I leave him negative on eBay or not, is the question?